Lean Body Mass Calculator

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What is a healthy Lean Body Mass?
A healthy LBM for men is above 75% and for women it is above 68%.

Which formula should I use?
The Boer formula is the most commonly used, but for completeness other formulas are included.

Lean Body Mass Formulas for Adults:
Boer Formula:
For men:           LBM = 0.407W + 0.267H - 19.2
For women:      LBM = 0.252W + 0.473H - 48.3

James Formula:
For men:           LBM = 1.1W - 128(WH)2
For women:      LBM = 1.07W - 148(WH)2

Hume Formula:
For men:           LBM = 0.32810W + 0.33929H - 29.5336
For women:      LBM = 0.29569W + 0.41813H - 43.2933

W is body weight in kg
H is body height in cm

Lean Body Mass Formula for Children:
Peters Formula:
ECV = 0.0215 × W0.6469 × H0.7236
LBM = 3.8 × ECV


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